Areas of Expertise

General Corporate Law

In the course of doing business, there is always the possibility for disputes or accusations of wrongdoing, and not only can such situations not be ignored, the cost and effort to deal with such can be overwhelming.

However, YTN can help businesses minimize the risk of such occurrences developing and supporting implementation of preventative procedures such as risk assessments and development of necessary internal controls. In today's litigious business environment, preparation of such measures is essential.

YTN has drafted the various contracts essential to manufactures, service providers, IT and other diverse types of companies, has assisted with B to B contract negotiations, has developed necessary protocols for and has acted as witnesses to general shareholder meetings, has carried out risk analysis related to existing businesses and has been involved with risk analysis for new businesses, has developed internal workshops for corporations, and has investigated the revision of laws and regulations related to each industry

Implementation of the necessary legal preventative measures and internal controls is essential for dealing with any legal difficulties that may arise during the course of doing business. Several of our lawyers have experience as in-house legal counsel or have been loaned to government institutions, are committed to flexible thinking to best match the internal conditions of each company or organization, and work with clients to revise or enact necessary in-house regulations for the construction of an optimum internal controls system. Not only does YTN have a proven track record of responding to the wide variety of business needs, based on our accumulated know-how and experience, we provide preventative legal support that best meets our clients' requirements.


Our firm advises banks, money lenders, installment payment businesses, fund settlement businesses, and other financial organizations in regards to implementing regulations or conduct controls, and also in regards to laws, regulations, and practices related to financial services.

Especially in the field of retail finance, through our industry and governmental associations, we consolidate the opinions and collect information related to each client, we support the construction of internal controls, and help with the prevention of possible harm to clients' customers, we provide administrative support when charges of misconduct occur, and we have a proven track record of dealing with a wide variety of incidents, thus, based on our accumulated know-how and experience, we can provide sophisticated legal solutions.

Internet / IP Licensing

Our firm has experience in executing contracts for clients wishing to build an online business, creating contracts for businesses alliances or similar for the online fields of advertising and mail-order, and creating contracts for licensing software, data, or digital content, thus we are able to support clients not only a legal/contractual standpoint, but from a business standpoint as well.

Import / Export

YTN has experience in creating and negotiating contracts for the import and export of goods and can draft agreements in English as well as experience engaging in oral contract negotiations in English, thus we are able to support clients in a negotiation strategy angle as well as from a various other perspectives.

Investment (M&A, JV) / Business Alliances

Our firm handles scheme development, due diligence (legal audits), contract creation, contract negotiations, and other legal procedures for M&A, JV, and other investments. Also, we've helped clients with a variety of business alliance projects regardless of the presence or absence of investments.

We not only assist with contract creation and negotiation, we also help with enactment of service agreements once the foundations have been laid thus we can offer full support both before and after business alliances have been formed.

Furthermore, we also offer advice and contract support for termination of agreements when JV or other business alliances don't go as planned.

Compliance / Risk Management

YTN provide compliance and risk management services such as those listed below:

  1. Development of internal controls systems
  2. Dealing with legal infringements
  3. Training/Workshops
  4. Dealing with misconduct
  5. Internal hotlines

Litigation & Other Types of Dispute Resolution

We at YTN not only have the knowledge and proper understanding of practical civil law needed to carry out the various kinds of litigation and other forms of dispute resolution, we also on proficiency at extensive fact-finding investigations and witness preparation. Particularly in regards to such investigations, we make full use of the benefits afforded from implementation of preventative legal measures and internal controls systems before conflicts occur.

Furthermore, we take special care in choosing the optimal means of resolution by crafting a proper resolution policy in line with the nature and level of development of the conflict based on our extensive knowledge and understanding of civil procedural law, ADR, and other dispute settlement systems.

Dispatching of Executives

Depending on laws or exchange regulations, there are cases where the appointment of company directors such as independent directors, external directors, or external auditors is required. Also, if there are cases of misconduct or accidents, the installation of an independent committee or an investigatory committee may be required. Our firm undertakes such appointments to directorships and independent committee appointments.

Message to Individual Clients

YTN deals with more than corporate issues, we also help our individual clients with inheritance, traffic accidents, debt collection, and other such legal matters.