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September 1978 After the passing of Masao Irie (at that time, serving as the first Chairman of Tokyo Bar Association), Shunroku Yamashita and Kenji Tsuge restructured the Irie Law Office and founded Yamashita & Tsuge Law Offices.
April 1985 Mariko Tsuge joins the firm
April 1994 Koichi Nimura joins the firm
April 1998 Firm name changes to Yamashita, Tsuge, & Nimura Law Offices
August 2004 Offices moves from Yurakucho to current location in Nishishimbashi
February 2006 Yasuhiro Kohori joins the firm
September 2007 Kazuhiko Takasugi joins the firm
January 2013 Takamitsu Nagai joins the firm
February 2013 Co-founder Kenji Tsuge passes away
January 2014 Takamitsu Nagai employed with fixed term as civil servant with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry of Commerce, Distribution Policy Bureau, Commerce Inspection Division
April 2015 Ryu Nakazaki joins the firm
April 2017 Takamitsu Nagai returned the firm
September 2018 Ryu Nakazaki resigned from the firm
February 2019 Co-founder Mariko Tsuge passes away

Detail Summary

Firm Name Yamashita, Tsuge, and Nimura Law Office
Founded September 1978
  • Koichi Nimura
  • Shunroku Yamashita
  • Yasuhiro Kohori
  • Kazuhiko Takasugi
  • Takamitsu Nagai
Main areas of expertise
  • General consumer credit law and lease transaction law
  • Personal Information Protection Act
  • General Internet Law
  • Advertising Law
  • General legal support for receivable management law
  • General business legal support (including creation of various contracts and support for exploratory studies, considerations etc., shareholder meeting guidance, and consultations etc. regarding labor-related law)
  • Compliance-related legal support
  • General civil law etc.
Address Nishi-Shinbashi KS Bldg. 3F,
1-16-3 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
Phone number +81-3-3539-4651