Shunroku Yamashita, Co-Founder, Attorney-at-Law (Japan)

Areas of expertise
Consumer Credit Act, general lease law, Personal Information Act, general Internet law, advertising law, receivables management legal support, general corporate legal affairs, compliance-related legal support, and general civil law


March 1970 Graduated Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Law
March 1972 Finished judicial apprenticeship at Legal Research and Training Institute (24th Class)
April 1972 Became registered attorney (First Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Irie law firm
Sept 1978 Founded Yamashita & Tsuge law firm
1983 Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Industry Structure Council, Consumer Economics Committe, Technical Committee member (until 1984)
Involved in amendment of 1984 Installment Sales Act
1998年 Part-time auditor of Nippon Shinpan Co., Ltd. (currently, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.) (until 2006)
2005年 External auditor of Nippon Densetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. (until 2015)

Major publications

  • Lease and Credit Law Precedents (Financial Legal Affairs Research Group Publications), Co-author
  • Shopping Credit Law Theory (Consumer Credit Monthly, May ~ December 1983)
  • Complete Credit Trading Practices (Dai-ichi Hoki Periodicals) Co-author