Koichi Nimura, Partner, Attorney-at-Law (Japan)

Areas of expertise
Consumer Credit Act, general lease law, Personal Information Act, general Internet law, advertising law, receivables management legal support, general corporate legal affairs, compliance-related legal support, and general civil law


March 1988 Graduated University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law (46th Class)
March 1994 Finished judicial apprenticeship at Legal Research and Training Institute (46th Class)
April 1994 Became registered attorney (First Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Yamashita & Tsuge law firm
April 1998 Became partner of Yamashita, Tsuge, and Nimura Law Offices
Nov 2000 Established and joined "Voluntary Rules Regarding Personal Credit Information Protection and Use in the Credit Industry" sub-working group committee
June 2007 Became Vice Chairman of Consumer Credit Personal Information Protection Association (Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization) Evaluation Committee
March 2008 Japan Financial Services Association - Grievance Committee (until June 2010), Discipline Committee (current)
Nov 2009 Japan Credit Association Research Committee for amending Receivables Law
Feb 2011 Japan Credit Association Legal Affairs Committee, Chairman of Exploratory Working Group for amending Receivables Law
April 2011 Auditor of First Tokyo Bar Association (until 2012)
June 2011 Daido Signal Co., Ltd. Audit & Supervisory Board Member (until Jun 2016)
July 2011 CIC Inc. Internal Control Technical Committee member (current)
April 2012 First Tokyo Bar Association permanent councilmember (until March 2013)
Sept 2014 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Industry Structure Council ad hoc committee (Installment Sales Sub-Committee)
June 2016 Daido Signal Co., Ltd. Independent Outside Director (until April 2018)
July 2018 Auditor of Payments Japan Association

Major publications & papers

  • The opinion of the Japan Credit Association regarding the intermediate discussion paper concerning the amendment of the Receivables Law (Financial Legal Affairs, Issue 1932)
    among others.
  • Transfer of loans and obligations to return overpayments (Business Renewal and Receivables Management Quarterly, Issue 129)
  • Cases where a moneylender has received interest in excess of the Interest Rate Restriction Act set limit but Moneylending Business Act Article 43 Paragraph 1 is not applicable to said receipt and the estimation of malice regarding Civil Code Article 704 (Financial Precedent Research, Issue 18)
  • 300 Corporate Legal Precedent Case Studies: Finances (Kinzai, 2007), Co-Author
  • Compliance Journal, Case Study Seminar: Personal Information Protection (Financial Legal Affairs, serialized from March 2006 to Feb 2007)
  • Course for Clearly Understanding Personal Information Protection (Kinzai Distance Education Textbooks), Co-Author
  • Credit Company Compliance Practices Course (Kinzai Distance Education Testbooks), Supervisor
  • 360 Lectures on Consumer Credit Legal Measures (Kinzai, 2005), Supervisor, Co-Editor
  • Revision and Impact of Practice of Moneylending Control Laws Parts 1~3, (Consumer Credit Monthly, June ~ August 2000)