About our fees

1. Legal Counsel Agreements

For clients who want to be able to consult with legal counsel at any time, YTN offers advisory contracts from 100,000 yen a month, though of course we are open to negotiation depending on the client's needs. During the period that we are contracted as counsel, regardless of how many times we hold consultations, no extra fees will be charged. The content of legal counsel agreements (max. time period, etc.) will vary depending on type of business or other factors, so please feel free to consult with one of our attorneys.

2. Consultations

Consultations are billed in accordance with actual time spent with our lawyers. The hourly rate varies per lawyer and the consulting lawyer will advise you of the rate in question.

However, for written document creation or litigation etc., if separate remuneration is agreed upon, fees will be based on such agreements and usually not subject to time-based fees.

3. Written documents such as contracts or written opinions

Depending on the content or length of the contract or other document, the fee or remuneration for document creation will be decided upon based on consultation with the client. Though there are cases where a flat fee will be charged, for long-term contract negotiations or for cases in which the time is difficult to predict, an hourly fee based on each lawyer's time spent on the case may be charged.

Note that some lawyers only charge a set hourly rate and this depends on the lawyer. Incidentally, for fees charged based on hourly rates, upon request, a rough estimate can be furnished, but based on the degree of difficulty of the case, changes to the case such as additional work due to additional client requests, it may be necessary to charge more than the initial estimate. So that the final fee isn't an unexpected amount, we will consult with our clients accordingly.

4. Consultation for or resolution of litigation

In regards to requests for consultation or litigation of general civil or criminal cases, in many cases, a starting fee and a successful completion bonus will be required. The amount will be proposed for each case based on our firm's remuneration regulations. Generally, the amount of the starting fee is based on the money involved in the case and is set at 10% or less of that amount, where the successful completion bonus is often twice the starting fee. However, based on the degree of difficulty, amount worked, or time constraints, fees may be adjusted appropriately based on the money involved in the dispute in question.

* Though the costs are set as listed above, they are subject to change depending on the case and the lawyer. A proposal regarding costs will be made once the clients requests have been understood. Please contact our lawyers for a consultation.

** For initial consultations regarding possible requests for dealing with incidents and accidents or creation of documents, it's possible for a discounted hourly rate to be applied.